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I first announced the poetry contest as a fun thing for the group to do as we had just passed 400 members. In the time up until the contests' end, we passed the 500 member milestone. I am so amazed at how well this group has come together and the quality of many of its works.

I have ended up deciding the winner and 3 runner-ups with second opinions from :iconkentarvos: to affirm to myself I wasn't showing any biases. It was no easy feat narrowing down my favorites, as I liked everything submitted, but that's the job! So without further ado, I present to you the cream of the crop, the winners of MLP-Literature's first ever contest.

First off was an amazing entry from :iconandroidpudding: titled Sun And Moon. It's a completely beautiful yet tragic poem about the events that led up to Nightmare Moon being imprisoned in the moon ending with a sobering reminder not to give in to jealousy. I proclaim this one winner. Please do yourself the service of reading it.…

As for the runners-up, while they might not have wrested the top honor from such an amazing poem, they were still written with extremely high quality as well. I present to you the three runners-up.

The first runner up is Hearth-Warming Hearts, written by :iconradoxeald: . This poem was the main contender to top spot for me, it's a completely emotional piece of bliss to read. It's about the events that took place so many years ago in Equestria in the episode named Hearth's-Warming Eve about the ponies sheltering in the cave with the Windigoes circling outside and the redemption found during it. Read the poem while listening to the song linked under it for full effect.…

Next up is a poem titled The Banner Under Which We Stand written by :iconkyraycverd:. It's a stellar look into the Brony fandom and what it gains from the show, making the relationships forged under an amazing bond so meaningful and unique.…

Last up we have a poem written by our very own :iconlight-of-dusk: entitled A Tribute To Zecora: The Wise. It's a well written piece about everyones' favorite zebra and denizen of the Everfree Forest, which made perfect fodder for rhyming literature, and he tackles it well.…

Be sure to read all of these, and go through the other submissions as well if you want. I am amazed and humbled at the emotions poured into these writings and hope you all will continue to pour that level of quality into everything you do. Thank you for your time, and I hope to see you all in the next contest.

Warmest regards.

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Radoxeald Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Truly, this was great experience. :iconbrohoof1plz::iconbrohoof2plz:

First place really deserved it, but each one had its strengths and merits. I must applaud how all poems were decisively different in near every aspects. There were narrative pieces, character poems, bronydom anthems, personal lyrics, songs, free verse, metric format, experimental stuff, et cetera. That's really significant collection by every standard with "just" eight poems.

Salutes to everybrony for partaking, reading and giving feedback, favs and all that nice stuff. :icondashsaluteplz:
KyraycVerd Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2012
I feel honored to be a part of this, and truly these poems were amazingly written. I felt impacted by every single one of them in different ways, it just goes to show how talented bronies could be. :)
youpickmyname Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2012
What can I say, the competition went amazingly so thanks to the hosts, contributers and congratulations to the winners.

Hopefully we can do this again another time, but or now,
Goodnight, and have a great day!
Light-of-Dusk Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks so much for an efficient and really well-run competition! Great initiative!
The top three are truly deserving of hearty congratulations!
TheDescendantofKehAn Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Well deserved! Congratulations to :iconandroidpudding: and all the other participants!:)
HorseAngel10 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2012  Professional Artist
cool and i love mlp lirature. Keep going guys
minimandy12 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2012   Artisan Crafter
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